Alice Darling

In a dream, I heard this beautiful orchestration and melody of the song I named “I’ll Say It”. It wasn’t the first night I had heard music in my sleep. I woke myself up and ran to the piano to quickly recreate the song before I had forgotten it. My inspiration for creating many of the songs on the album came from those kinds of dreams or from piano chords or key combinations which provoked an emotion. I did my best to translate the emotion I felt into the music.

Written by Angelina Jean

Engineer Ron Vento has been tracking the deep raspy vocals of Darling from the initial stages of her upcoming album, Alice Darling. “The album is definitly about the vocals,” Vento admits. While other initial previewers from in and out of the sound room have picked their favorite songs based on musical style, it is difficult to put her music in one specific genre since it integrates rock, funk, soul, electronic, and even classical sounds. Her music has recieved some great responses and is unique in that it does mix multiple types of genres.

The song “Two Steps” stands out as a catchy tune that mixes funk rhythms and integrates a syncopated chorus and fun dance beat. The song’s final mix was done by multi-platinum and grammy nominated engineer, Benny Steele, who has mixed songs and worked with top artists such as Justin Bieber, David Guetta, Jason Derulo, and Pitbull. He describes Darling’s writing as “Classic” and proclaims her as an “incredible singer/songwriter”.

While “Two Steps” offers a funk inspired guitar rhythm, the song “What I Want” composes differently, much like a rock song, including two rhythm guitars and a lively pop beat. The music sounds light, the vocals are soulful, and most of the instrumentation comes from a synthesizer keyboard to create a fresh vibe.

Another track on the album called “Euro” is an electronic dance song with a heavy kick drum beat. It is unique in a way that does not contain the repetitious loops associated with typical electronic music. This instrumental arrangement incorporates horns and violins, and the bulk of the song features the synthesizer keyboard which gives off a sweeping and uplifting melody.

“I’ll Say It”, in which New York Advertiser Richard Ferelli (Greengage Associates) describes as “Haunting”, denotes a classical influence. The arrangement stirs the emotions and is reminiscent of a movie score. Joining Darling on the single are singer Reggie Honere, who counters in a duet, and classically trained violinist Yoed Nir.

When the album is complete, Darling says  she will  continue to write and produce songs